UNO Bot v3
Normally this would have all kinds of information, command listings, etc.. but our irc UNO bot has gotten so big it was given a dedicated site awhile back which can be found at, there you can find all of the news, statistics, command listings, etc.. available for our irc UNO bot.

If you're new to what our irc UNO bot is or does.. It's one of the most advanced irc UNO bots in existence, currently leading the way in innovation, featuring detailed player stats, advanced match logging and full details of past games, record holders and more.

The irc bot itself features dozens of game flags such as our famous Wild Draw 10, among others are Jokers, Hit Alls, and game modes such as Elimination where you fight to give others cards.. all of this happens while keeping the classic game intact for everyone that loves classic Uno, by simply typing !uno in the irc channel with no flags. It also has an advanced bot ai that lets one player go against the bot or even several bots at once for a more challenging game.

So what are you waiting for? Check out and start playing today!