Rival PUG Bot v4 (command info)
Please note this page has been deprecated and is no longer being updated.

Information:   !WUT   (Rival v4.3.0+)

This feature is more client related. It relies on the client having a script that returns a reply for where they are in a game, or server and displays the current map, server and name. (*f1)

Please note however in some cases the bot will kick and ban on this command if set by the channel operators. (*f2)




[--:--] (Name) !wut
[--:--] (Name2) Not playing right now
[--:--] (Name3) Check Unreal://*.*.*.*, (Name at Map)
[--:--] (Name4) Not playing right now

[--:--] (Name) !wut
[--:--] [Mode] (Bot) sets mode +mb Name
[--:--] [Kick] (Name) was kicked from [#channel]
[--:--] [Mode] (Bot) sets mode -m