Rival PUG Bot v4 (command info)
Please note this page has been deprecated and is no longer being updated.

Information:   !SETTEAMSPEAK <text>   (Rival v4.3.0+)

This feature allows users to set teamspeak information. It is normally recommended that users set a server name, ip address or sub domain, the port it uses and a password if one is needed. It is also helpful to list if it is a private or public server.


<prefix>SETTS <text>
<prefix>SETTS2 <text>
<prefix>SETTEAMSPEAK <text>
<prefix>SETTEAMSPEAK2 <text>


[--:--] (Name) !setts2 server name - address pw=something
[--:--] (Bot) -( ts2 set to: server name - address pw=something )-