Rival PUG Bot v4 (command info)
Please note this page has been deprecated and is no longer being updated.

Information:   !SETPRIVACY <on|off>   (Rival v4.3.0+)

This allows a channel to block other channels from using !list [#chan], !last [#chan], !pugstats [#chan] and excludes it from !active. If an op sets the channels mode to either +s or +p, the bot will automatically enable privacy, & visversa.

The default of this, is Off.


<prefix>SETPRIVACY <on|off>


[--:--] (Name) !setprivacy on
[--:--] (Bot) -( Privacy set to: on )-
[--:--] (Name) !setprivacy off
[--:--] (Bot) -( Privacy set to: off )-