Rival PUG Bot v4 (command info)
Please note this page has been deprecated and is no longer being updated.

Information:   !SETMULTI <number>   (Rival v4.3.0+)

Setting this to 1 will disable use of !list [#channel], !last [#channel], !pugstats [#channel], if it is set to 2 though, anybody can use it. If you wish to be more selective in who uses it, you can set it to 3 for level 10 or higher users. Levels on the bot are internal, and users with this kind of permission are added by a bot owner/administrator.


<prefix>SETMULTI <number>


[--:--] (Name) !setmulti 1
[--:--] (Bot) -( multi info set to: off )-
[--:--] (Name) !setmulti 2
[--:--] (Bot) -( multi info set to: on, all )-
[--:--] (Name) !setmulti 3
[--:--] (Bot) -( multi info set to: on, 10+ )-