Rival PUG Bot v4 (command info)
Please note this page has been deprecated and is no longer being updated.

Information:   !SETBANS <type> <on|off>   (Rival v4.3.0+)

This allows channel ops to enable or disable the global bans or channel bans for their channel. Note that 99% of the people on the global ban list are cheaters that have cheated in games. Channel bans are single channel bans set by admins.

Type can be either global, or chan. and it can be either turned on (to allow bans) or off (to dis-allow bans).


<prefix>SETBANS <type> <on|off>


[--:--] (Name) !setbans global on
[--:--] (Bot) -( global bans set to: on )-
[--:--] (Name) !setbans global off
[--:--] (Bot) -( global bans set to: off )-
[--:--] (Name) !setbans chan on
[--:--] (Bot) -( channel bans set to: on )-
[--:--] (Name) !setbans chan off
[--:--] (Bot) -( channel bans set to: off )-