Rival PUG Bot v4 (commands listing)
Please note this page has been deprecated and is no longer being updated.
Below is the list of commands available for the Rival v4 bot, you can click on the command for more information in addition to some examples, how to use the command, etc. These commands are available in channel only and will not respond to any pms, queries, notices, ctcps, etc.. unless otherwise stated.

On the command pages, you'll notice < > and [ ] brackets within the usage, examples, notes, etc.. The ones such as <this> mean it's required input and ones like [this] mean it's optional input. The commands are used with prefixes (some call these triggers) such as using ! or . to use the command, among other prefixes available.

Admin Commands

  • AC <#channel>
    Adds a channel.
  • AMSG <text>
    Send a global message.
  • AU <nick> <level>
    Adds a user on the bot.
  • CAPTBAN <mode(+|-)> <hostmask> <reason>
    Bans a user from being captain.
  • CHANBAN <mode(+|-)> <hostmask> <reason>
    This will ban a user from the channel.
  • DC <#channel>
    Deletes a channel.
  • DU <nick>
    Deletes a user on the bot.
  • GLOBAN <mode(+|-)> <hostmask> <reason>
    This will globally ban a user.
  • IAL
    This will update the bots internal address list.
  • IMPORT <#channel> <network>
    Import another channels data into the channel the command is being used in.
    This will show which letters are in use.
  • LOCK
    This will lock the channel for operators.
  • PN <on|off>
    Used to turn the bot on or off.
    This will reload the bots files.
  • SCAN
    This will run a scan for global bans.
    This will update the channel stats.
  • Operator Commands

  • ADDALIAS <type> <name> <ip:port>
    Adds an alias for use with alias queries.
  • ADDRULE <number> <input>
    Allows a user to set a rule. <number> can be a number 1 through 10. <input> is the rule to show. Number <0> <input> sets a linked message.
  • DELALIAS <type> <name>
    Deletes a query alias.
  • DELRULE <number>
    Deletes a rule. can be 1-10, 0 to delete the link message.
  • EDITALIAS <type> <name> <newip:newport>
    Edits an alias for use with alias queries.
  • EDITRULE <number> <input>
    Allows a user to edit a rule. <number> can be a number 1 through 10. <input> is the rule to show. Number <0> <input> sets a linked message.
  • FAKECAPT <#channel>
    Issues a fake captain message to the channel.
  • MOVEIP <from> <to>
    This lets you move set ips around.
  • MOVERULE <from> <to>
    This lets you move set rules around.
    Sets a new random letter that is not in use by any other channel or nick.
    Connects to the dcc chat partyline on the bot.
  • PRETHEME <name>
    Lets you preview a theme without actually setting it.
    Notices the channel to pug. (must be -N)
    Sets however many random captains are needed.
    Resets the current pug for any reason. Note, captains cannot reset.
  • SETADVERT <on|off>
    This lets you turn on or off an advert scanner. (Beta)
  • SETAUTOCAPTS <on|off>
    Enables or disables automatic random captains after a 2 minute window.
  • SETAUTOTIME <input>
    Sets the time it takes to auto select random captains in seconds, if enabled. (default is 60)
  • SETBANS <type> <on|off>
    Changes the settings for global bans, or channel bans.
  • SETCAPTAIN <nick>
    Sets a player to captain weither they want to or not.
  • SETCOLOR <option> <input>
    Changes theme colors per option.
  • SETENDMSG <text>
    Sets an ending message for when a pug finishes. Can be set to random for random messages. (Default is random)
  • SETFLOOD [option] <input>
    Advanced flood protection options.
  • SETFORUM <text>
    Sets the channels forum if they have one.
  • SETGAMETYPE <input>
    Sets a gametype for the channel.
  • SETIP <number> <text>
    Sets the ip<number> to something with information. 1 to 10 are valid.
  • SETLETTER [option] <input>
    Allows users to change the letter of the channel. Users can use -o before the letter to override it.
  • SETLIMIT <number>
    Sets the total number of players, not per team or number of teams. Setting this to 10 would mean 5vs5.
  • SETLIST <number>
    Adjusts list view from removing letters or numbers, or both.
  • SETMAPS <text>
    Sets the channels maplist or map url, or other form of maps.
  • SETMODES <on|off>
    Sets the mode of the channel to on or off. The bot moderates and voices captains when enabled.
  • SETMULTI <number>
    Adjusting this option either disables or allows use of !list [#channel], !last [#channel], !pugstats [#channel].
  • SETNOTICE [option] <input>
    Sets what notices to be on/off.
  • SETORDER <number>
    Sets the picking order for the channel. 1 to 3, 1 being default.
  • SETPRIVACY <on|off>
    Allows other channels to see the channel in !active, !pugstats, !list and !last. On or Off. (default: off)
  • SETPROMOTE <input>
    Enables/Disables !promote for the channel or sets the message.
  • SETPUGMSG <text>
    Sets an empty message for when there is nobody playing. Can be set to random for random comments.
  • SETPUGSTATS <number>
    Adjusts list view from removing letters or numbers, or both.
  • SETQUERY <on|off>
    Sets the ability to query ut99 or ut2004 gameservers on or off.
  • SETRULE <number>
    Enables or disables !rules display. 1 enables, 2 disables.
  • SETRULELINK <number>
    Either shows the rules as a list of 1, 2, 3, etc.. or as a link to an external site. 1 is a list, 2 is a link.
  • SETSERVER <text>
    Sets the server address or information for the channel.
  • SETSITE <text>
    Sets the channels website if they have one.
  • SETSPACE <number>
    Sets how the bot should list players before a pug and inbetween a pug.
  • SETSPAM <number>
    Either enables or disables the !spam command. 1 enables, 2 disables.
  • SETSTATS <text>
    Sets the stats url or information for the channel.
  • SETTEAMCAPT <on|off>
    Sets weither the bot shows the captains selected before picking.
  • SETTEAMCHANS <on|off>
    Sets weither the bot joins a team channel and displays them during picking. On or off.
  • SETTEAMLIMIT <number>
    Sets total number of teams allowed for picking. This also affects total players indirectly. (default 2)
  • SETTEAMSIZE <number>
    Sets total number of players per team, not the number of teams. default is 5 for 5v5.
    Sets the channels TeamSpeak information.
  • SETTHEME <name>
    Sets a new channel theme to the theme name.
  • SETUTV <input>
    Lets you set a utv url, info, etc.
  • SETVENTRILO <text>
    Sets the channels Ventrilo information.
  • SETVERIFY [option] <input>
    Sets the verify options.
  • SETVOTE <on|off>
    Sets the ability to vote during a pug on or off.
  • SETWEATHER <on|off>
    Sets the ability to view or set weather on or off.
  • SETWUTBAN <on|off>
    Sets the wut ban to on or off for when somebody types !wut.
  • SETWUTMSG <text>
    Sets the wut ban message for when a user gets kicked.
  • SPAM <option>
    Spams the ip# or option to the channel 5 times. limit once every 5 minutes.
  • User Commands

  • ACTIVE [number]
    Allows users to see which channels have more then 1 player, or however many [number] has.
  • AGE
    Shows how long the bot has been in the channel.
  • CAPTAIN<number>
    Become a captain for the pug following a random 4-5 digit number.
    Lets users see current captains.
    Shows a channels Forum URL.
    View the current gametype of the channel.
  • HERE
    Allows the user to verify if they were selected as a random captain.
  • IP <number>
    Allows a user to view a set ip from 1, to 10. Such as ip1, or ip2.
  • LAST [#channel]
    Displays the last pug players, and when. Option can be used as another channel to view another channels last info.
    View the current letter of the channel.
    Lets you see both the list and last at the same time.
  • LIST [#channel]
    Views the current list of the channel. Or the option can be used to view another channels list. (Same as !status)
  • MAPS
    This shows a Maps URL.
  • MIRC
    Shows the users a link to mIRC stats for the channel.
  • OWL
    Shows a link to an owl site. (careless only)
  • PEAK
    Shows the peak users for the channel.
    Shows a link to an penguin site. (careless only)
  • PICK <nick|number>
    Lets a captain pick a player by name/nick or number.
    Displays the channels pug info.
  • PUGSTATS [option|#channel]
    Displays general stats, or more pending on the channel/option.
    Lets a captain randomly pick a player for their team.
    Shows the channel rules or link.
    Shows a channels default server.
  • SITE
    Shows a channels Site URL.
    This shows a Statistics URL.
  • STATUS [#channel]
    Views the current list of the channel. Or the option can be used to view another channels list. (Same as !list)
    Lets users see current teams being picked.
    This will show the teamspeak information for the channel.
    Displays information for the current theme in use.
    Displays the theme list of the bot.
  • UT <ip:port|alias>
    Querys a UT99 gameserver by ip and port, or alias name.
  • UT2 <ip:port|alias>
    Querys a UT2004 gameserver by ip and port, or alias name.
  • UTV
    Shows UTV information.
    This will show the ventrilo information for the channel.
  • VOTE <nick>
    Allows users to vote for a captain.
  • WUT
    Shows users running a special script where they are playing in UT, UT2003, or UT2004. In some cases, the bot may kickban on this trigger.
  • General Commands

  • 9BALL <question>
    This is basically an 8ball but with different replies.
  • CALC <input>
    A basic calculator.
  • CHAR <input>
    Shows how many characters are in the input.
    This will give the user a cookie.
    This shows the channel counts, how many operators, half-ops, voiced, etc..
    Show credits for the people who have helped.
  • DMY
    Show the current day, month and year.
  • GETCHAR <input>
    Displays the $chr() value as used in mIRC.
  • GMT [difference]
    Show the time with a difference, such as -0600 for CST.
  • GOOGLE <input>
    Allows users to google something.
  • HAX [nick]
    This will show a fake insecure client message.
  • HELP
    Shows a link to the Rivalflame site and channel.
  • ID
    This shows a users id number.
  • INFO
    Shows who the bot is made by.
    Shows the users level on the bot.
  • PAYPAL <input>
    A basic PayPal calculator. (Beta)
    Shows the bot version in use.
  • WEATHER [option] <input>
    Allows users to view weather information.
  • WL
    Shows whether you are the weakest link or not.