Rival PUG Bot v4
Please note this page has been deprecated and is no longer being updated.
Rival is a PUG bot, which stands for Pick Up Game bot, this type of bot is used to organize pick up games on irc. It starts with players joining a pug, when the set number of players have joined, the pug then starts.

After which, two or more captains are selected, those captains get to pick the teams in a certain order, one of the captains may select which gameserver ip to play on from a set range that the channel operators have set.

Once in the gameserver, they join the correct teams and then play a typical best out of 3, though in certain channels it may just be one game, best of 3, even 5 or more. This is just the basics of what a PUG is and how it works.

Unfortunately this version of Rival (v4) has been retired. We no longer host or have this specific bot in service, however you can find it on a couple large channels on irc hosted by a select few good friends of ours, for this reason we've opted to keep a commands list page online for this version.