OFNA Hyper 10SC
Some pictures of an electric OFNA Hyper 10SC 4WD Truck along with a nitro version. Both of these trucks are the Bump Editions which you can find on NitroHouse.com under Car Kits, Electric Short Course Trucks and then just finding the Hyper 10SC Bump Edition. They have a Bump Edition available for both the electric and nitro versions.

Latest Pictures

These are pictures of a Hyper 10SC with a Tekin RX8 ESC and Tekin SC4X 5.5 Motor, the body has been custom painted by KustomRCGraphics.com, if you're looking for painted bodies I'd definitely consider KG, they do excellent work.

Older Pictures

The Hyper 10SC here had a Tekin RS ESC and Tekin Redline 10.5 Motor, it was then changed to a Tekin RX8 and Tekin Redline 6.5 Motor. The body was based on the scheme Associated uses in most of their factory team trucks.

Nitro Pictures

The nitro truck is just of how the servo wires are run, someone asked about it in a forum and I figured I'd help out. I ended up just posting them here as well if anyone else wanted to see how the wires are run.