HPI Racing Baja 5B (sprint wings)
I decided to post this page since we made up some sprint car style wings for the HPI Baja 5b's awhile back.

The first version was made out of poster board and hot glued together. The small supports were just cut strips of the poster board, the mount for these were made out of aluminum and bolted to the roof of the HPI Baja 5b and the wing was just velcroed on. It ended up not working out so well, and was pretty much destroyed after a few flips/rolls.

Second version was made out of aluminum and riveted together, the supports were just aluminum tubes. The mount was similar to the above version, being made out of aluminum and bolted onto the roof. This too didn't work out so well, looked great but lasted for maybe 2 flips/rolls before it was totaled.

The third version was made out of cheap corrugated plastic sheets, the same type used for outdoor signs. This worked out great and the wings lasted quite a long time, through a lot of flips/rolls, hard roof landings, etc.. and best yet, they were cheap. Using hot glue to attach the cut sheets and supports, the wing was easy to make.

The mounts for the corrugated plastic wings was also made out of corrugated plastic, the mount attached onto the roof part by velcro, it was made in two sections as you can see below, that way in a flip/roll the wing or mount detached, letting the wing take less damage. Even in a flip/roll when it didn't detach, it still held up really well and lasted quite a long time.

You can check out the pictures below, and if you're wondering if these wings really work, they do, and they work really well.