HPI Racing Baja 5B (slammer mesh)
Slammer RC meshes for the HPI Baja 5b, including the side meshes and engine mesh. For more information on these you can check out http://slammerrc.com/, they also have all kinds of baja information on the website.

As for a quick review.. the meshes are made out of a high temp plastic so they won't melt or deform being on the engine, the installation is semi easy, although it's best to just undo the engine bolts, etc to take the engine out so you can install the engine mesh. However you can in fact get it installed without removing the engine with some patience.

Outside of that, the engine and side meshes performed very well, and even in a few cases protected our engines from some small rocks that had gotten in that could easily have caused damaged had they found their way into the flywheel fins. Would definitely consider picking at least the Slammer RC Engine Mesh up, it's a cheap upgrade that could save you a few hundred down the road.