HPI Racing Baja 5B
A bunch of pictures and videos from when we ran the HPI Baja 5b's, both offroad and onroad as sprint baja's. Some of the pictures are of the older v1 model (the first version), and later on the HPI Baja 5b v2's.

Each baja had a 28.5cc engine, first having JetPro V3 Exhaust Pipes and then moving onto CPI Exhaust Pipes later on. The tires ranged from HPI Racing Dirt Busters, to Hostile MX, Hostile Slicks, etc.. Some aftermarket parts include the DarkSoul Axle Extenders v1 and v2, Turtle Racing Differential Cases, Carbon Brake Pads, Outerwears Prefilters and several others.

You can see more pictures/videos on the Sprint Wings page, or by using the page navigation on the right.


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