Donating for the future
Thinking about donating to Rivalflame?

Rivalflame itself is a completely free service for all users, there are no popups or hidden traps, catches or anything like that within the Rivalflame Network and Rivalflame Services. However, because of the shear amount of work needed and required to develope our website, services and everything to do with Rivalflame now and in the future, donations are always greatly appreciated no matter how small or large.

In addition to that, running this network and all of these services costs money on a monthly basis, money of which doesn't come out of thin air or some tree in the backyard. So, consider donating, no matter how small of an amount, it will always help out. Donations are also a good stimulance to keep working on everything. :)

Please note however, any donations do not entitle you or anyone else to any special treatment. If you are serious about donating and would like to donate, please email me at with the subject Donation and I'll get back to you on how you can donate using PayPal. :)