This battery powers the internets
Rivalflame started around 2002, when someone elses irc bot wasn't being updated and lacked a lot of features. I decided to learn mirc scripting and came up with my own irc bot with a bunch of new features, and after using it for awhile in my own channels, others took notice and ended up replacing the other bots. In turn becoming a large service on dozens of irc networks and thousands of channels around the world.

From there I expanded the service into other types of irc bots, such as uno, trivia, scrim, clan, and whichever else users wanted within reason. Most of the bots are pretty advanced and still are to this day, one being an irc uno bot, which is still the leading irc uno bot you can find on irc. We operate a bunch of irc bots and services, and intend to keep doing so for as long as reasonably possible.

Over the years the services have innovated and expanded further into other territories, such as web design, logo design, web programming, and many other services. One of them is for random image signatures that has been innovating to bring all new features to the signature hosting crowd.

We've been around since 2002 and have no plans to go anywhere soon.